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Happiness: Life Is a Journey and the Challenges You Face, Are Obstacles that You Have to Overcome

Life is a journey and the challenges you face, are obstacles that you have to overcome. They are what allow you to expand yourself, become more inclusive and more compassionate. Hi, Louis here, author of the inspiring book “A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!” Click here to get a free download of the book. Thanks for checking out my blog posts. If you really want to test your spiritual beliefs, try being a medical doctor in war...

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Oneness Is the Temple of Being

Life is about coming into oneness with the universe. Life is about coming into a relationship with the universe, where you are one with life and you don’t mind what happens. Now, you are mindful how you place your shoes at the temple door before you start your day. You now enter the temple of being with a new alertness and awakening. You are now mindful inside of your intentions and little actions you undertake every day, and you bring grace to...

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The Presence of Oneness Displaces the Way It is

In a new language for life, the presence of oneness displaces the way it is. The presence of oneness displaces the world of “I” that defines who you are, inside your experience of life. In the presence of oneness you no longer have to “deal” with the way it is and ask yourself the question “Why?” You no longer have to “work on yourself”, or have to struggle to overcome your deficiencies in life. You no longer have to struggle to free yourself...

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Embracing Death as a New Possibility for Living

When you trust life and you embrace birth as fundamentally good, then integrity informs you and courage comes to you to trust death as something that is fundamentally good as well, although you may not fully understand it. Once you embrace death as something that is fundamentally good, death starts to occur to you as a possibility for something; the possibility of completing on a great life; the possibility of entering into a new expression of...

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The Secret to Happiness Is Found in an Awakening to Your True Nature

Living a new language for life, you now realize that happiness is not something that you seek or strive for. You realize that happiness is neither found “outside” yourself, nor “inside” yourself, but arises inside a space of being that opens up naturally once you have thrown away the shackles of “I,” and you awaken to your true nature. Being free to be, you come home to being and what arises naturally inside the oneness of being as a presence...

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A New Language for Life and Happiness

Living a new language for life allows you to explore the possibility of happiness beyond the way it is. Happiness in our default language for life lives for us in a future that exists “out there” independently from us and occurs as a permanent state that we strive for. We believe that it is through things external to ourselves that we can reach happiness. We experience at times a void and become sad when we long for a lost happiness in a past...

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