By Staying Still Inside of the Noise, It Loses Its Hold on You | Louis Koster By Staying Still Inside of the Noise, It Loses Its Hold on You | Louis Koster
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By Staying Still Inside of the Noise, It Loses Its Hold on You

Posted by on April 23, 2016 in A New Language for Life, Awareness, Being centered in a new language for life, Blog, Consciousness, Empowerment, Enlightenment, Mindfulness, New Age, Peacefulness, Relationships, Self improvement, Selfhelp, Spirituality | 1 comment

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and we can’t go back to sleep. Our thoughts do not let go of us, and we seem to be consumed by something. Something may have happened recently, and you can’t shake it off. You are now wondering how you are going to get back to sleep.

Sometimes the noise that displaces your peace and has a hold on you, leads you to invalidate yourself about something that has recently happened, or makes you review a situation, wondering whether you could have done something differently in that particular situation.

You do not seem to find peace, no matter what thought you bring to the issue.

The moment you engage with the noise—try to understand it, argue with it, resist it—you get more of it.

“I” thrives in noise.

The art of living is developing a capacity to just let it be.

Just let it be, and trust that at some point it will lose its hold on you. It is when you start to engage with the noise that the noise gets louder and you get further estranged from your centeredness in life and your connectedness to life.

Ultimately, where you have a choice in life is in your decision where you put your attention. If you focus your attention on the “stuff” that your mind sometimes throws at you, you get more of it. By staying still inside of the noise and letting it be and not engaging with the noise that consumes you, inevitably, at some point it loses its hold on you.

When you let the noise in your life be, you become the space of it and you stop being it at a level that is not of your true nature.

You now gain perspective in relationship to what consumed you before. You now restore yourself to being the space that holds the content of your life and awaken to the awareness of who you truly are.

By staying still inside of the noise, it loses its hold on you.


Hi, Louis here, author of the inspiring book “A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!” Click here to get a free download of the book. Thanks for checking out my blog posts. If you really want to test your spiritual beliefs, try being a medical doctor in war zones. I’ve been involved as a spiritual teacher, medical doctor and coach in the self-help industry for over 25 years and have developed a number of skills in helping people to awaken to their true nature and live inspired lives. Here Is Who I Am & What I Believe.

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1 Comment

  1. Thank you very much Louis, this came at the right time, when I’m in this predicament… But the tool I now have made me feel much better. I did not know that I could stay still in the noise. It used to consume me to the sense of ducking all my energy. Again I must say thank you very much…

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