A volunteer doctor in some of the world’s most hostile places shares his remarkable secret for staying “happy no matter what”!

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If Dr. Koster’s New Language For Life catches on, as this celebrated humanitarian intends it to, it will change our world. At the very least, it will change your life.”

—  Scott Brownstein

Ask unhappy people why they feel bad, and most don’t talk about their outlook or attitude. Instead, they reel off the circumstances in their lives that are “making them” unhappy.

“Baloney!” says Dr. Louis Koster. As a volunteer doctor in some of the world’s worst trouble spots, he’s seen enough horror, violence and disease to depress anyone. He’s been threatened with death, faced bankruptcy, dealt with a stammering problem that nearly ended his medical career, endured the collapse of his precious non-profit organization . . . and maintained his peace and contentment through it all.

So how did he learn to stay so peaceful and HAPPY, no matter what? What’s this secret he’s determined must “go viral” as our world apparently enters a new age?

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A radical new way of looking at your life

During his medical work around the globe, Dr. Koster came to understand how most people grow up believing their emotional well-being is dependent on the circumstances of their lives – from those living in poor, violent societies to the seemingly privileged who “should” be happy.

This perception of being isolated in an unpredictable universe and emotionally subject to its vicissitudes is part of our “birth language.” It’s a perception of separateness that leaves us all constantly vulnerable on the inside to what is outside us.

Dr. Koster’s observation led to two simple yet profound affirmations he calls “The Choice” and “The Insight.” By committing to these two principles, you can free yourself from emotional slavery to what is happening around you – and truly be happy no matter what!

Five star book review

When I review a book I make notes of those things I think are important to include in the review. With some books I have very few notes. In A New Language for Life, however, it seemed that I was copying most of the book ̶̶ it all seemed relevant to include in the review. Every page seemed to have its own “gem” of wisdom that begged to be included. This book spoke to me on a profound level ̶̶ a soul level, actually. While my mind tried to grab it and wrap itself around it, it was my soul that “got it.” This book is quite simply food for the soul.”

I feel certain that if I reflect on the questions Koster poses and make appropriate adjustments in my thinking and attitude my life will absolutely change for the better. Who should read this book? Anyone walking a spiritual path will find it immensely helpful. Those who want to make a shift from being a victim to being victorious, from being out of control to choosing the kind of life you want to experience will benefit from this book. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book might be of help to you. If you’ve worked at manifesting what you desire but just don’t quite make it, this book may put that last piece in the manifesting puzzle for you. Need I say that I highly recommend this book?”

—  by Irene Conlan


This radical but more accurate way of looking at yourself and your relation to the world around you is what Dr. Koster calls “A New Language For Life.” The book will walk you through the abundance of practical and emotional benefits you’ll begin to experience immediately upon putting it into practice, including:

  • Achieving an unshakeable feeling of peace and well-being
  • Trusting life instead of trying to control it
  • Eliminating depression and lethargy
  • Eliminating fear, insecurity and self-doubt
  • Restoring and improving your relationships
  • Manifesting your most heartfelt desires
  • Achieving a higher level of awareness
  • Getting “unstuck” when you feel stuck
  • Reaching your full potential, in your work and in your life
  • Understanding your “oneness” with others, and the universe
  • Learning to BE happy rather than STRIVING for happiness
  • Gaining a picture of reality that is more in keep in with your true nature: “a new language for life”


More than just talk

A New Language For Life is not a book of fluffy theory that leaves you wondering how to actually act on it. It’s not one of those books you read enthusiastically and then go right back to the way you were living before. This is a book of action, of real, lasting transformation! After all, these principals successfully carried Dr. Koster through the sorts of trials that might bring anyone else to their knees!

There are questions and actions at the end of each chapter that will cement A New Language for Life into your way of thinking and keep you on track. What is demanded of you is incredibly simple and takes almost no time – you’ll be amazed that something so simple can change the way you look at everything!

Being yourself – finally

One of the book’s most powerful sections describes what it will be like when “The Choice” and “The Insight” have led you to discover your true self. Not the self we cobble together out of other people’s expectations, fears of failure and surrender to life circumstances, but your true essence.  

Dr. Koster describes the false illusion of “you against the world,” straining to overcome adversities and striving to “get ahead.” He explains that not only are you not against the world -- you are not even a part of the world: you are ONE with it! Physics has of course proved this, but we are slow to comprehend the power of this realization.

Very soon after you begin honoring “The Choice” and “The Insight,” the barriers between you and the world around you will begin to dissolve, and you’ll experience an unimaginable peace, contentment and liberation to be your true self and to do and be everything you were created for!
This new realization leads you to express yourself in a new language for life, a language that is in keeping with your true nature.


    The following are some actual chapter headings from the book. It seems miraculous that the simple shift Dr. Koster will make in your perspective, his “New Language for Life,” can give you all of this – but believe it:

  • The Power to Reclaim Your Being
  • The Power to Reenergize Your Sense of Fulfillment
  • The Power to Raise Your Life to a Higher Level of Integrity
  • The Power to Be Present
  • The Power to Be Grateful
  • Having a True Sense of Who You Are
  • Seeing Everything as it Actually Is
  • Acceptance of Life’s Impermanence
  • The Power to Express Yourself Authentically
  • The Power to Be Free to Be
  • The Power to be Forgiving
  • The Power to Trust Yourself and Dream
  • Awakening to a New Awareness

And remember, this is no armchair philosopher or foolish optimist. Dr. Koster has lived and worked in violent, war-torn places such as Bosnia, Sudan, Angola, Liberia and Guantanamo Bay.  And now, he wants to share what he has discovered to be the simple secret to staying happy no matter what!

A new vision for our world

Dr. Koster’s mission is not just to change your life with his New Language For Life: it’s to change the world! Right now, plans are being put into place for a viral dissemination of his message to a global audience. Like many visionaries, and as the ancient Mayans predicted, he believes our world has reached a critical turning point. By sharing the message of A New Language for Life with the world, Dr. Koster intends to shift the way we view ourselves and the language that shapes our lives, helping change the direction of our tumultuous world.

What people are saying about this powerful new book:

Dr. Louis Koster’s book A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! brought home a new clarity and reality about what commitment is really all about. I realized more than ever that we are subject only to what we hold in mind. The Pearls of Wisdom after several readings convinced me of making a whole-hearted commitment to The Choice. This book allows you to discern something of real and lasting value and makes it easier to live in the world. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! offers a simple and elegant way to reveal that there is so much more to being human than what we think.”

 — Dr Ewald Einoder, psychiatrist

The book is very inspiring. I am dyslexic. I don’t read a lot of books, but this book I could not put down. The repetition in the book was great for me. Reading the book got me through some very difficult times. I feel more confident. I am broadening my horizons. This book is really common-sense stuff. The book makes me feel good about myself.” 

— Tracy Saunders, mother of two children

I find myself constantly redirecting to be present: not regretting the past, but accepting and learning from it. Not fearing or being anxious about the future, as I have no control over it. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! allowed me to trust that things will work out okay—I don’t always have to do anything, but I can just let go and let be.” 

— Kerry Thaxter, audio-typist 

The language we use sometimes keeps us trapped in life. There is no freedom to be when I become my circumstances. When things are out of sorts and unbalanced in my life, that is when I return to the book, and reading the book gives me a new opening for life, where I shift my language for life and anything is possible. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! is also a conversation that lends itself to world peace; barriers would no longer be barriers; there would be no political boundaries; no social boundaries; no religious boundaries; there would just be people having a conversation for life.” 

—  Eddie Lieberman, 4 Star Golden Circle Isagenix Representative

 I am an indigenous person from Australia. A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! allowed me to find my footsteps in the dirt. We are living our life of our ancestors, and I realized that I was making the wrong choices. This book opened my eyes to make the right choices. I gave up alcohol, which in my family is a big thing. I don’t drink anymore, and it gave me a new inspiration in life to do other things and to look at life differently. I asked myself the question: Why am I here? The book allowed me to connect to my ancestors, and awaken to the dream of oneness. This book is a white man’s dreaming of an old wisdom. It is an old wisdom in a new language. The book has shown me that if I believe in something, that I can reach it. It has shown me that if you look at life the way this book talks about, many things in your life will change for the good. It has changed our lives dramatically. It has put my wife and me in opportunities we never had in our life. Since the book, we have moved to another town, and it has opened up all these doors for us. I started to express myself in art, and I am getting taught art by one of my uncles, who is a renowned indigenous artist in Australia. This book has changed our lives.”  

—  Damian Saunders, indigenous person from Australia

Letting go of resentment resonated the most with me, as I strongly believe that people do carry around a lot of resentment from their past interaction with family and others. This resentment is like an anchor and weighs people down—until they deal with it and let it go, they are unable to be completely happy with their life. The book is a reminder of how to live your life, as it has ideas that I may have tossed around in my mind but not concentrated on, as life is busy. The book formulates these thoughts and gave a tangible way of exploring these ideas.

David Beattie, accountant

Louis Koster has written a book that is difficult to categorize. One possible label might be `self-help' book but there are so many of those on the shelves and in the ether of eBooks that, while well devised and meaningful to many, simply rehash the material of `focus your goals. Walk through life like you mean it, etc' - all of which is healthy for start over philosophy, but seem to fall short in actually finding the path to changing our world. Read this book, discover yourself, trust that discovery, and begin to be happy and fulfilled in being who your are.”

—  Five star book review by Dr Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame and Top 50 reviewer 

The book is eminently readable, helping us create for ourselves a vision of our personal happiness that is internal, absolute and eternal. It really isn’t complicated; particularly the way Koster sets it before us, a cornucopia of ideas that will help shift your choices, your insights, and the way you will want to move forward to claim your own happiness!”

—  Five star book review by Laura Strathman Hulka 

A fresh look at finding your authentic self, "A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!," is predicated on the belief that “each of us has the ability to raise the level of our consciousness, and that the cumulative effect of that effort will benefit humanity.” A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What" is a book to savor and spend time with as it helps you shape the rest of your life as your authentic self, when you choose to dwell in the space of fulfillment of your intentions.”

—  Five star book review by Helen Gallagher 

As a counselor for job seekers, I can attest to the significance of developing the traits Koster recommends. Those who develop those traits, who have made The Choice, are far more likely to succeed at whatever they undertake. They will have a higher level of integrity and responsibility that inevitably affects those around them. Koster believes that we must evolve with the times, and learn to speak a new language that suits the new age we are entering. His book is an inspirational and practical guide through that process. As the author states, "A New Language for Life will make it clear how we can make the most of the future."

 —  Five star book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott

There is much, much more in this book that one should read slowly and meditatively, stopping to ponder each page rather than rushing through it like a thriller.  This is a thriller in a sense that far exceeds the fleeting ups and downs of adrenaline-pumping highs that evolve from a life directed by others.  Again, imagine a thrilling but serene life in you are the source of being living a life that is indeed good and fulfilling, without the drama!  Highly recommended!”

—  Five star book review by Viviane Crystal

The energy, the clarity and the enthusiasm that emerges from A New Language for Life–Happy No Matter What! is delightful. Author Louis Koster has created a modern day type of manifesto for anyone who is seeking a better life for themselves… If you are seeking Transformation to a higher purpose for yourself and for your work, A New Language for Life and Dr. Koster are your guides. Highly recommended.!”

—  Five star book review by Judith Briles


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